Interaction Design

Make a website with at least three pages linked together that include CSS.

Design a website using only three CSS declarations (or less). Embrace HTML’s User Agent defaults. Take a look at this exhaustive list of available HTML elements. And make use of semantic tags.

APIs! Go to the class GitHub and download a starter html and linked JS file. Follow the commented instructions.

Complete the three problems at the end of chapter two of Eloquent JavaScript.

Identify a problem (or a goal) that a group of people might share and help them solve (or achieve) it. This could be an app, or a website, a mockup, or even a business plan. How will you conduct your research in order to test your assumptions? How will you know if your solution is needed?

Using our class API design a site that broadcasts information from one user to other connected users.

Create a single page that retrieves user information and broadcasts it to other connected users. How will your users interact with each other? If you need help thinking about what data you can get from users, take a look at input fields and user events.

Create a site that stores information from one user and displays it to the other users.

Design a game. It can be either digital, tangible, or performative. Consider how your players will learn the rules and how you can keep them engaged.